Little Fingers Approve

My kids have recently take to the overly priced sargento snacks with cheese, nuts, and dried fruit. I like the idea of them eating these foods but I want more control over the types of nuts and cheese, as well as the price. Here is a solution that is still fun, and great on the go!

What You Need:

Snack/to-go cups (I prefer these glass jars). Muffin/cupcake liners. Cubed cheese. Fruit and nut mix. And a hungry tummy!

What’s in a Song?

I was driving all three of my kids (5, 2, & new born) in town last week and I decided to plug my phone in and listen to some new music. The kids usually like Star Wars music, or music from their favorite movie… but I thought it’d be fun to get a beat going and dance our way to the grocery store. I put on a play list suggested by iTunes. Within the first few seconds the word “sex” and many words about sex were bouncing off the walls of my car. I just turned the music off. It was a great beat, don’t get me wrong, but the words… THE WORDS! They were awful. I do not want my 5 year old son listening to a man describe a sexual act he wants to perform to some woman he just saw dancing on the dance floor.

Is this seriously what culture promotes for our youth? The question – “What’s in a song?” The Answer “Everything”! Songs can be about sex, drugs, violence, or the everyday entitlements that our generation feels they are owed… Or songs can be about giving your life to Christ, serving your community, trusting in the Lord, working through the struggles and overcoming.

I know… I know… Christian music is Lame… But is it? I have a play list filled with fun and inspiring beats and lyrics. My siblings and friends make fun of my husband and I for listening to Christian Music, but I don’t mind… I know that what I put into my kids ears is music filled with Love for each other and Love for God. That is so much better than any pop song about sex, drugs, and violence. Here are my favorites… I hope you try it for a few days and see how your life can be changed by a song!

Lucero Familia Playlist:

Big Daddy Weave – Redeemed
Mandisa – Good Morning
Mandisa – Overcomer
Hillsong – Oceans
Chris Tomlin – God’s Great Dance Floor
Matt Maher – Lord I Need You
tobyMac – Speak Life
tobyMac – City On Our Knees
Unspoken – Life My Life Up
JJ Weeks Band – Let Them See You
Andrew Peterson – Dancing In the Minefields
MercyMe – Homesick
Matt Redman – Never Once

(There are so many more – but these are our favorites)

Summer Fun Schedule


I want to keep my kids together this summer, so we are skipping summer school/camp/day care and planning a summer filled with fun at home and in town… or so I think. We have a new born at home, John is 2 now, and Joaquin is 5… plus I am in full time online school for my masters. If I want this summer to be a success I need a lot of prayer, and organization. I’ve created charts before, but I think this is my favorite. It incorporates the subjects my 5 year old will be learning in kindergarten (Math & Language Arts) and has Religion in to keep us connected to prayer and community. There is cooking at the beginning of each week so the kids can participate in preparing their snacks for the week. Hopefully we’ll do some baking that we can share with you!

Please feel welcome to download the PDF or email me if you’d like me to personalize it to your family! I plan to laminate it and use wet-erase markers on mine. You can also put magnets on the back and stick it to the fridge!

Summer Fun Schedule

Summer Fun Schedule

Here is a link to our family cleaning schedule. This works great for us because it limits our daily load and the kids really enjoy accomplishing a task and putting an “X” over the picture. We laminate this and use wet-erase markers to write on it. Enjoy!

Family Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule

"Hey - Let go of my snack!"

T-Rex Birthday Fun

This weekend we are going to a birthday party for my sister-in-law. She is a big t-rex fan… which I think just means she thinks they are funny.

I thought I’d make her a gift that celebrates that fun!



T-Rex Party Plate with Spray Paint


T-Rex Party Plate


“Hey – Let go of my snack!”

I took a t-rex toy from Walmart and cut it in half, careful to make the cut level, because the plate will rest on it. I used gorilla glue to attach each piece and then sprayed it with white spray paint. The whole project was fun and easy (took a day).


T-Rex Birthday Card – “If You’re Happy and You Know It…”


Inside of Card

The birthday card was a little fun to add to the gift, I used Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge to make the dinosaur. It’s amazing what you can do if you Just Make It!

Glitter Tipped Feathers

We are using these feathers for a place setting at the St. Sylvester Dinner and Charity Auction! It is a masquerade theme and I can’t wait.

Glitter Tipped Feathers at

What else could these feathers be used for? Leave a comment below.

Glitter Dipped Feathers at

You’ll need metallic gold craft paint, gold glitter, two disposable cups, feathers, and floral styrofoam. (Get these supplies at any craft store… I ordered my feathers on for $5/50 feathers).

Glitter Tipped Feathers at

Dip the feather in the craft paint. Scrape any excess paint on the side of your cup, you want it to have a thin coating on the feather.

Glitter Tipped Feathers at

Dip the feather in the glitter (My Favorite Part)!!

Glitter Tipped Feathers at

Stick your glitter tipped feather into the floral styrofoam to dry.

A Challenge to my ProChoice Friends…

This is a challenge to anyone that claims they are ProChoice  - how far will you go to support these women you are "protecting"?

This is a challenge to anyone that claims they are ProChoice – how far will you go to support these women you are “protecting”?

Many people on the ProLife side work day and night to help women in unplanned pregnancy situations. They pray, they raise money, they even donate items, baby sit when they can, and some go so far as to adopt these unwanted babies.

Sidewalk Advocates for Life has had great success in helping women turn away from abortion and towards life. We all make mistakes, but a baby is never one of them.

I created this challenge because I was furious that people accuse me of being harsh and shaming women that get aboritons. I have been there, on days that go to the clinic, my approach is never shame, or anger, it is only love… so I thought – when have these people ever showed a pregnant women love and support? Maybe when they vote pro “you can choose, its your body”… but is that really support? Or is that “Get outta my life! I don’t want to deal with YOUR problems too!”

I can already hear the arguments to this challenge – “It’s a private decision, women don’t need anyone there telling them they support their aboriton.” BUT if you feel this way you are perpetuating an already difficult situation. Women don’t need isolation, or to be private – they need a place to work through what they are going through with people who truly have THEIR best interest at heart. If you don’t want more babies to take care of in the world (an argument I hear over and over) then you are only thinking of your problems. If you want money for their baby’s body parts, or you have a quota of abortions to fill, then how can you be thinking of their best interests? ProLife people know what abortion does to the women after – we want to help them – we want to give hours and money and time to THEIR LIFE and to their BABY’S LIFE! ProLife people are so selfless – so giving – and honest (because they have to be and the law requires harsher rules on what they can say and can’t say at their clinics).

I just hope that one person who is ProChoice will go to a clinic this week, look at the sometimes 14 year old girls walking in alone and say “THIS IS WRONG”!

A Friendship with the Saints

Have you ever asked a group of friends, or a special friend in particular to pray for you, or someone you know? Maybe you’re having a surgery, or starting a new job… sure, we all ask our friends and family to pray for us. Why is it so hard to understand why Catholics ask for the intercession of saints?

I think it’s important to clarify that most people don’t understand why we have devotions to saints, and therefore their misunderstanding is the reason why they may seem to think it’s wrong… so don’t get defensive or take it personally when someone asks why you pray to the saints.

Lets start by looking at some well known saints:

Saint Jude:
St. Jude
We often ask for the intercession of Saint Jude because he showed an outstanding amount of faith and can help people accomplish things that may seem impossible. He has helped many people heal from illness (hence the St. Jude Hospital). You can visit The Shrine of St. Jude Website to read about testimonials to St. Jude’s miracles. And I want to clarify that Catholics believe that Saints intercede for us with Jesus, just as a friend or family member would when they offer their prayers for you. Some people have stronger devotions to a certain saint because they feel connected to their life, their message, and their love for Jesus.

Saint Therese of Lisieux:
St. Therese of Lisieux
St. Therese is know as “the Little One” or “Little Flower”. Her diary documents her short time as a Carmelite nun. She became a nun at the rare age of 15 (after a lot of petitioning to join the Carmelites). She suffered through illness that took her life as a young adult. Many people ask St. Therese to help them gain peace and faith as they suffer through trials on earth. They also pray to her for strength in their faith. Often people experience her love by “receiving” a flower from her. Pope Francis says that he receives roses after he prays to St. Therese. She is a strong advocate for us in heaven and can become a great friend to anyone that prays to her. If you want to know more about her “Little Way” of loving people you can find books about her life and prayers online.

St. Gerard:
St. Gerard
I have a personal connection to St. Gerard. He was introduced to me by a friend when my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child. She gave me a medal with him on it and said she’d pray a novena to ask him for help conceiving a baby. I didn’t understand at the time what that meant, but I said “Thank you” and wore the medal believing it could help. On the second day of the Novena our son Joaquin was conceived. St. Gerard is the patron saint of expectant mothers. Praying to him gave me peace and trust in God, which I’m sure also helped me to relax and allow my body to be ready to accept a baby.

Praying to the Saints is like accepting the gift of Friendship from God. He gives us these people in our life, and draws us near them, so that we can take steps by following their example, to correct our lives and love the way Jesus wants us to. If you want to know about the friendship of saints – check out this article Any Friend of God is a Friend of Mine.

Here are some other popular saints that you may feel a need to connect with in order to feel closer to God. Of course praying directly to Jesus is always a great way to ask for help, but Jesus gave us these people to help us, so we can use their help too!

St. Fransis of Assisi
St. Pope John Paul II
St. Augustine
St. Joan of Arc
St. Joseph
St. Faustina
St. Padre Pio
St. Bernadette
St. Agnes
St. Anthony
St. Anne
St. Thomas Moore
(Click here to learn more about these saints).

Possibly the Saint we pray to the most is The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. I will write a separate blog post about her because she is so very special to a lot of us!